The annual rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased one tenth in August in the Balearic Islands, to 3.1%, with food 10.7% more expensive than a year ago, according to the latest data published by the National Statistics Institute (INE). Sugar and oils experience the highest price increase compared to August 2022

The food group has become more expensive this 2023 by 10.7% compared to 2022, according to figures published by the National Statistics Institute (INE). Of these, sugar has become the most expensive, with prices soaring 38% compared to August 2022. It is followed by oils and fats (20.7%), potatoes and their preparations (15.5%), mineral water, soft drinks and juices (14.7%), milk (12.7%) and pork (12.6%).

In opposition, the CPI falls in the housing segment by 17.1% due to the drop in heating, lighting and water distribution (-37.1%) compared to 2022.

As regards the other sections, prices rose by 7.5% in alcoholic beverages and tobacco, 7.1% in leisure and culture, 6.7% in hotels, cafes and restaurants, 6.1% in medicine, 4.6% in communications, 4.3% in household goods, 3.2% in education and 3% in clothing, footwear and transport.

So far this year, the CPI accumulates an increase of 4.1% in the Balearic Islands, compared to 0.9% in July.

In Spain as a whole, the CPI increased by 0.5% in August compared to the previous month and raised its year-on-year rate by three tenths of a percentage point to 2.6%. This is due to the rise in the prices of fuels and lubricants for personal vehicles and liquid fuels. The price of food moderated its growth by three tenths of a percentage point to 10.5%.