Can Balaguer is without doubt one of the most emblematic buildings in Palma. Thanks to the donation of Josep Balaguer, an outstanding figure in Mallorcan culture at the beginning of the 20th century for his musical contributions and patronage, the city now has a building that explains the development of Palma’s stately homes.

In the permanent exhibition ‘La casa posible’, located on the first floor of the building, you can see several collections from Balaguer, Can Morell and the old Town Hall building, as well as pieces from the Domènech-Vázquez collection, the Alomar family and the Consell de Mallorca.

The different rooms of Can Balaguer recreate rooms that show the wealth and power of the noble families of the time. After the entrance room you can enter the bright room with the fireplace, which is connected to a 19th century dining room. Immediately afterwards you enter a large room with a clear French influence, which makes way for a large music room and a baroque room with its own bedroom, where all the details are kept.

During the tour of the main floor of Can Balaguer, you can see exquisite furniture and a huge collection of decorative and pictorial pieces that tell the story of the development of painting and the splendour of Mallorca.

Tour of the rooms of Can Balaguer

1. The entrance hall

Here the families gathered to live and eat together. Already with the baroque building it became a distributor.

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2. A collector’s gallery

It presents some representative paintings by Antoni Gelabert (1877 – 1932).


3. The fireplace room

Its elements and furniture invited to a relaxed social life.


4. Dining room

These rooms belonged to the manor houses in the first third of the 17th century.


5. Louis XIII Hall

The sizes and fabrics of the furniture as well as the curtains stand out.


6. Music room

It houses a large organ acquired by Josep Balaguer in 1930 and has a more luxurious decoration than the other rooms.


7. The chamber in the bedroom

It gives way to the bedroom and is part of the set of rooms used for social events.


8. The bedroom

Velvet, damask, plush, taffeta… The fabrics that dress this room powerfully attract the attention of visitors.


The entrance to Can Balaguer (C/ de la Unió, 3) is free and can be visited from Tuesday to Friday between 10am and 2pm and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays between 10:30am and 1:30pm.

More information about the permanent exhibition