The race begins to find out which are the best series of the Golden Globes of 2021. Several comedies, dramas and miniseries compete to win one of the precious accolades that are awarded in Hollywood on February 28. Now that the consumption of series has become one of the users’ best plans, these are the best series to watch these months, according to the Golden Globes nominations.

Best drama series

  • The Mandalorian: A space adventure framed within the universe of ‘Star Wars’, by George Lucas. The series takes place several years after the Return of the Jedi and tells the story of a lone gunman in a galaxy where anarchy reigns. Its two seasons can be seen on Disney +.
    serie the mandalorian entre las mejores de 2021
  • The Crown: The drama focuses on the political rivalries and personal life of the reign of Elizabeth II once it is crowned. The plot evolves as the second half of the 20th century progresses, with the historical events of the moment in the background. Romances, intrigues and politics are three of the ingredients of this award-winning series with four seasons behind it. Available on Netflix.
  • Lovecraft Territory: The protagonists of this series set in the 50s go on a journey to find the father of the main character. Along the way they will have to face the stigma of American racism and other monsters that will break into this intense journey. It airs on HBO and will undoubtedly be talked about as one of the best series of 2021.territorio lovecraft mejores series 2021
  • Ozark: Everything indicates that the final season of this successful series will be the one that premieres in 2021, which makes it perfect for a marathon. The ordinary life of a family is disrupted when they begin to associate with one of the most dangerous drug cartels in Mexico. It can be seen on Netflix.

Comedies competing for the Golden Globe

  • Emily in Paris: Young Emily travels from the United States to Paris to develop her career in a marketing company. Her peculiar and funny point of view accompanies the viewer through the American culture shock with her new environment, her romances and her adaptation to the new challenges that are presented to her. Available on Netflix.
  • Ted Lasso: A British comedy based on an old character that its creator, Jason Sudeikis, used for a former Premier League promotion. He is an inexperienced football coach to meet the challenge of managing a top-notch team. From here, he unfolds the hilarious story of him. It is one of the big bets of Apple TV+ that hopes to leave the Golden Globes as one of the best series of 2021.
  • The Flight Attendant: A flight attendant will see her life take a radical turn when she wakes up in a Dubai hotel with the corpse of a man. The protagonist, known for her role as Penny in ‘The big bang theory’, does not remember anything of what happened. Upon her return to the United States, the FBI will start asking her questions. HBO series. the flight attendant, serie globos de oro
  • Schitt’s Creek: This Canadian series that began airing in 2015 stars the wealthy Rose family, once they lose all their money and face rebuilding their lives in the city that gives the series its name. Accustomed to a sophisticated lifestyle, they will encounter a new reality that will be a challenge for them to adapt. It can be seen on Movistar +.
  • The Great: The Rise of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, centers the plot of this Australian dramatic comedy that aims to become one of the best series of 2021. Catherine ascended to the throne in 1762 and held it for 34 years. The ins and outs of the aristocracy of the time, in comedy form, are the perfect hook for this acclaimed series available on StarPlayz.

The most acclaimed miniseries

In addition to awarding the awards to the best series of the year, the Golden Globes reserve a category of miniseries. Perfect for a short one-day ‘serial’ marathon. Among the nominees of this edition are Normal People (StarPlayz), The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix), The Undoing (HBO), Small Ax (Movistar +) and Unorthodox (Netflix).

And for you, what are the best series of 2021? Recommend your favorites in the comments section below.