Five Balearic international champions of long distance races participate in the latest video of the Govern to explain how they manage to overcome the most critical moments of the races and get ahead, in a parallel with the fatigue caused by the pandemic among citizens. A motivational message that states that “the people of these islands have never abandoned and no matter how many walls we come across along the way, we will continue to advance.”

Tòfol Castanyer, world trail champion; Sebastiana Llabrés, Spanish half marathon champion; Marc Tur, champion of Spain of 50 km march; Bel Calero, Spanish trail runner-up, and Vanesa Ruiz, ultratrail champion, detail first-hand what the so-called 30-kilometer wall is and how, from their personal experience, they manage to overcome it. A wall that alludes to the moment of a marathon in which many runners find themselves unable to continue and that the five island champions describe in this campaign.

The spot, framed within the Balearic Day celebration, can be seen by clicking on ‘play’:

The General Director of Communication of the Government, Álvaro Gil, has stressed that “now that we have passed kilometer 30 of the pandemic, the message transmitted by these champions is clear, we must continue forward and not abandon: ‘kilometer by kilometer’, ‘It seems that it never ends, but it ends’, ‘abandoning is not the option’ and ‘we have to do it together’, some items that we wanted to highlight taking advantage of the Balearic Day party and its values of cohesion and feeling of Unit”.

If the journey is too long and the situation overwhelms you, the Government offers tools to help citizens to move forward, such as the 24-hour psychological assistance telephone number, 900 112 003.