The Balearic Islands continue to be a privileged and desired destination in Spain. In 2021, it received one out of every five foreign tourists who visited the country, according to what the Minister of the Economic Model, Tourism and Labor, Iago Negueruela, has said.

Last year a total of 8.7 million visitors came to the islands, of which 6.3 were international tourists and 2.4 were nationals. All in all, 20.3% of international tourists chose to enjoy their rest on one of the four islands.

Negueruela has valued the progressive recovery of tourism on the islands, which, although in the first half of the year it had less activity compared to 2019, due to the containment strategy, during the second half of the year market shares have been recovering to the point that in the month of December 2021 the number of visitors was already 80% of what was registered in 2019.

The islands have also led tourist spending in Spain, with an annual volume of 7,272 million euros, which represents 20.8% of the country’s income from tourism. The tourist who visits the Islands spends more, a fact that reflects the increase in quality in the destination: during 2021 each visitor spent an average of 1,150 euros per stay, 5.7% per month of the 1,088 euros spent in 2019.

Playa de Mallorca formentor

Playa de Formentor. Foto: Shutterstock.