Armengol approves the decision taken by the Central Government and describes as “very good” the health situation in the archipelago 

As of Saturday, June 26, the obligation to wear a mask in open spaces throughout the Spanish territory is removed. Tomorrow’s Council of Ministers will foreseeably approve this new measure announced by Sánchez last Friday at an event with businessmen in Barcelona.

The end of outdoor masks comes because “all the established objectives are being scrupulously met”, says Sánchez, who also wanted to highlight “the good rate of vaccination”. The reactions of the opposition and some autonomies have not waited. The president of the Balearic Executive, Francina Armengol, who three weeks ago did not consider the elimination of this protective garment outdoors, assured this Tuesday that “at the moment when it is possible to take it off without danger, there is no need to wait another day”. Armengol stressed that “in the Balearic Islands we have a very good health situation” and “the sanitary tranquility to be able to take it away. This new measure comes into force when “people are very tired” and will be “a relief because being able to see each other again, smile at each other, breathe well, is something we all wanted”, she added.

In this way, Spain follows in the wake of other countries that have already adopted this measure, such as Australia, the United States, Israel, Poland and Hungary, which have been free from this imposition for weeks.

Where it will be required to wear a mask

  • Inside bars and restaurants, as long as food or drink is not being consumed.
  • In all means of public transport and also in private ones, when the travelers are not living together.
  • In closed places such as museums, galleries, gyms, theaters, cinemas, shops, changing rooms, etc.
  • In social gatherings that take place indoors or in premises and / or homes with people who are not living together.
  • In group sports when it is not possible to maintain a safe distance.
  • As long as it is not possible to respect the safety distance of 1.5 m on public roads, the mask will remain mandatory.

Exceptions (not required):

  • People with illness or respiratory distress.
  • People with disabilities or dependency who do not have the autonomy to remove the mask or who present behavioral alterations that make its use unviable.
  • In the case of individual sport exercise in the open air.
  • Cause of force majeure or situation of need.