Photo: Victòria M.

The Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest 2021 began last night in a special place: the Raixa estate, where the 10th anniversary of the declaration of the Serra de Tramunanta as a World Heritage Site is celebrated.

The night started with a musical show in which pieces from the great musicals of history composed by George Gershwin and Cole Porter, among others, were performed. Shortly after, and to give continuity to “the night of musicals”, the multi-award-winning short “Sergi & Irina”, by Àlex Tejedor and Miquel Verd, was screened.

The official opening of the festival is scheduled for tonight in the courtyard of la Misericordia. The singer and composer María Rodés will open the gala with the presentation of her latest album, “Lilith”, which will precede the screening of the film “El ventre del mar”, by Agustí Villaronga, a film that has made history at the Malaga Festival after winning the 6 main prizes.

Programación Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest

You can check the full program and book your tickets on the official website of the event.

Tuesday, July 27

“Luxor”. Balearic premiere.
“Cut!” + Q&A (questions and answers). With the presence of the director.
“Against hatred”. National premiere.
“The war without a name.” National premiere.
“Everything at once” + Q&A. With the presence of the protagonists, Paco and Manolo.
“Stop” + Q&A. With the presence of the director.
“The first woman” + Q&A. With the presence of the director.
“The third war.” Balearic premiere.
“Death of a Ladies’ Man”. Tribute to Leonard Cohen.
“The mystery of Salvador Mundi”. National premiere.

Recital by Aina Zanoguera. Tribute to Leonard Cohen.
Dani. Exclusive concert.
Cabiria. Exclusive concert.

“The art market.” With Violant Porcel and Victoria Aguiló.

For children
Mironins Workshop 1
Mironins Workshop 2


Wednesday, July 28

“Doctor Portuondo”. Press pass and special gala.
“Escher: journey to infinity”. National premiere.
“The most beautiful boy in the world” + Q&A. With the presence of the actor Björn Andrésen.
Balearic Shorts Session + Q&A. With the presence of the directors.
“The Caviar Connection”. Presented by Pablo Simón.
“7 Years of Lukas Graham”. National premiere.
“Coming soon last days + Q&A”. With the presence of the director.
“Shoplifters Of The World”. National premiere.
“Coup 53”. Presented by Pablo Simón.
“Friendship’s Death.” Cult work of science fiction.
“Laurent Garnier: Off the Record” + Q&A. With the presence of Laurent Garnier.
“Aalto”. National premiere.

Betacam. Exclusive concert.
Rodrigo Cuevas. Presents “Barbián”.

“An afternoon with Oscar Tusquets.” Talk about art with Andreu Jaume.


Thursday, July 29

“Lost Boys”. Presented by Emilio Doménech.
“The Show”. Balearic premiere.
“Swingers”. National premiere.
“The nose or the conspiracy of the dissidents.” Balearic premiere.
“Julia & I”. Premiere in Spain.
“For Lucio”. National premiere.
“Caught in the net.” Presented by Emilio Doménech.
“This is how Little Spain begins.” With C. Tangana, Santos Bacana and Rogelio.
“Antídots per a un paradís fake” + Q&A. With the presence of the director.
“Ma Belle, My Beauty.” European premiere.
“Now”. National premiere.

Mafalda. Exclusive concert.
White guy. Exclusive concert.

“The Expanded Universe of Alan Moore”. With Cati Moyà, Víctor Navarro and Marta Pérez.
“Keys to make a sustainable world”. With Miriam Leirós, Mercedes Marrero and Fridays for the future.


Friday, July 30

“Annette.” Press pass.
“The Whaler Boy”. Balearic premiere.
“Ovella” + Q&A. With the presence of the directors.
“Human Factors”. National premiere.
“Tove.” National premiere.
“The Incredible Queer World of Tove Jansson.” With Cati Moyà and Marta Pérez.
“All Eyes Off Me” + Q&A. With the presence of the director.
“Post Mortem”. Balearic premiere.
“The innocents” + Q&A. With the presence of the director.
“Stardust” + Q&A. With the presence of the director.
“Mogul Mowgli”. Balearic premiere.
“In search of the perfect violin.” National premiere.

Dwell. Exclusive concert.

“The mysteries of the violin.” With Nina Heidenreich and Judit Vega.

Saturday, July 31

“Mironins” + Q&A. With the presence of the creators.
“Antigone: How dare we!” With the presence of the director.
“Land of milk and honey” + Q&A. Balearic premiere.
“Captives.” World Premiere.
“Fellinopolis” + Q&A. With the presence of the director.
“Last Words”. Balearic premiere.
“My secret functions.” Premiere in Spain.
“DNA”. Balearic premiere.
“A Mocking Spirit: Tribute to Judi Dench.” Screening with Judi Dench.
“Annette.” National premiere.
“Soros.” National premiere.

Rigoberta Bandini. Exclusive concert.
Daniel Sabater. Exclusive concert.

“Masterclass Stephen Frears and Judi Dench”. Exclusive.
“An afternoon with Slavoj Žižek”. With Slavoj Žižek and Jani Sever.
“The future of Europe”. With Ana Pastor, Borja Semper, Íñigo Errejón, Pablo Simón and Carlos de Vega.

Sunday, August 1
“The political boss.” Closing gala.