Interview with Alberto Morano Ventayol, director of Clínica Morano

The extensive experience of Clínica Morano in Palma has been providing the latest technology in aesthetics, aging prevention and well-being for years. Now that autumn and winter months are coming, we spoke with Dr. Alberto Morano Ventayol to ask him how to get the skin ready after the summer.
doctor alberto morano

Now that summer is ending, what are the most popular treatments for this new season?

After the summer and the oxidation of the skin by the sun, the most demanded relates to skin hydration and facial rejuvenation. People resent the summer, spots and skin wrinkles appear with the sun. They are treatments for the prevention and recovery of the vitality of skin lost in the summer. Body treatments also begin, people begin to prepare for Christmas and also to recover what they have earned in summer.

Any specific treatment that they request?

Hyaluronic acid with vitamins and hydration. Gives a lot of vitality and light to the skin. And the wrinkle treatment, which always stands out after the summer.

Are there differences between the treatments that men and women ask for?

Not so much for being a man or a woman, but for what the patient requires. We offer personalized treatments, each person has different needs. Men focus more on hydration, prevention and hair treatments. Women, on the lips, dark circles, etc. But ultimately, the male profile also performs almost all treatments.

“Prevention is key in order to delay skin aging”

How does the use of the mask affect and what advice can be given so that it does not alter the skin of the face?

We are breathing the same thing all the time, so it creates a breeding ground for germs. Normally in acne-prone skin and oily skin, more pimples appear. People who have dry skin don’t have such a problem. We recommend avoiding the use of cosmetics in that area or the use of sunscreen. Especially makeup, because it makes the skin not perspire and precisely the objective is that the skin can perspire. In general terms, a good cleaning is important, morning and night, with products that are a little more astringent and that dry the pimples.

What advice can you give to someone who has never tried a cosmetic treatment? Where to start?

We recommend starting with treatments that are not very invasive, to start progressively, before a problem appears in our skin or a wrinkle appears: hydrations, treatment of wrinkles with botulinum toxin, etc. Thus we delay and even avoid more invasive treatments. We always bet on prevention above all: hydration, toxin, skin cleansing, spot treatment; In short, the key is the prevention of aging.