In order to avoid new elections in four months, the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has offered the secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, a possible agreement to face a legislature that would last a maximum of two years and would be marked by six state pacts with which “the pending reforms for our country” could be “undertaken”. Fejóo said that in this way the most voted list could govern “for the sake of centrality, as has been the custom for the last 45 years”, he added.

In the meeting held this morning in the Congress of Deputies, which lasted barely an hour, the ‘popular’ has delivered to Sánchez, acting president, a seven-page document containing eleven proposals and in which he asks for consensus to reach six pacts of State. A “great agreement for the equality and welfare” of Spaniards that avoids an “undesirable” political deadlock. According to popular sources, “in this way, the influence that the pro-independence parties are trying to exert would be deactivated and Spain could guarantee equal treatment for Spaniards”.

The 6 pacts of state

Feijóo’s proposed executive would have 15 ministries, defend the “territorial integrity of the Spanish nation” and reject referendum and amnesty requests from nationalist parties. He would also prioritise six state pacts.

The Pact for Democratic Regeneration would focus on improving the “quality” of democracy by “preserving the division of powers and the independence of oversight bodies”.

The Pact for the Welfare State would aim to guarantee the “viability of the National Health System, the stability and quality of the education system, equality between women and men and the viability of pensions for the elderly”.

The Pact for Economic Recovery, meanwhile, would ensure the “solvency of the most vulnerable and the middle class”, among other aspects, while the Pact for Families would focus on “priorities” and achieving a work-life balance.

The document also includes a National Water Pact to ensure “access to this basic resource” in the face of the pressing consequences of climate change. The Territorial Pact would seek to transform the Upper House into “a true Chamber of territorial representation” and strengthen “the Spain of the Autonomous Regions”.

If an agreement is reached, after two years, general elections would be called, unless “the signatory parties to this agreement consider it convenient to continue the legislature in order to reach these or new agreements”, the t