The year 2023 has left a lot of important news in Mallorca. Many of them have been collected in the Yearbook 2023 of the magazine Mallorca Global Mag. A compilation of the news that have marked the year.

A year of news in Mallorca

Headlines that you will find in the yearbook of the most important news in Mallorca in 2023:

  • Pedro Sánchez, president again without winning the elections and with an amnesty under his arm.
  • Political upheaval in the Balearic Islands after 28-M.
  • The PP wins in more than half of the Balearic town councils.
  • Princess Leonor takes the oath of allegiance to the Constitution and consecrates herself as heir to the throne.
  • The Middle East trembles after Hamas’s attack on Israel and the Israeli response against Gaza.
  • Inflation eats away at the resources of families and businesses.
  • An end to the ‘death tax’.
  • Iberia loses Son Sant Joan handling to Globalia.
  • The rescue of the Sóller tunnel was illegal.
  • The new Hotel Formentor plans to open in June 2024.
  • Decree to facilitate access to housing in the Balearic Islands.
  • Sexual aggressions committed by minors increase.
  • More than 1,200 sex offenders benefit from the ‘only yes is yes’ law.
  • Nine years in prison for judge Penalva and prosecutor Subirán.
  • Final approval of the Trans law.
  • Valtònyc returns.
  • The old man who killed a burglar in his house in Porreres is acquitted.
  • Private individuals will be able to rent the boat for three months of the year.
  • Juliette, three days of squalls that cause multiple problems in Mallorca.
  • Agustí Villaronga leaves us.
  • The hostess of Mallorca dies.
  • Lorenzo Santamaría says goodbye to the stage.
  • Film festivals increase Mallorca’s cachet.
  • Curar la piel (Curing the Skin), by Nadal Suau, wins the Anagrama Essay Prize.
  • Talayotic Menorca, a Unesco World Heritage Site.
  • Cata Coll and Mariona Caldentey, football world champions.
  • Palma Futsal makes history and wins the Champions League.

You can access the YEARBOOK, with texts by Tomàs Ibarz, from this image.

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