The year 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history. In addition to being a round figure, at an informational level it has been a year marked by a global pandemic that has affected all of humanity. But there have been many important news of the year in Mallorca. The 2020 Yearbook Mallorca Caprice by Mallorca Global compiles the informative vision.

A year of news in Mallorca

Headlines that you will find in the yearbook of the most important news of Mallorca in 2020:

  • The world seeks how to beat the pandemic caused by Covid
  • Armengol skips measures at Hat bar
  • COVID-19 subjects the economy to a postwar crisis
  • The emeritus king leaves  Spain when he is investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office
  • Air Europa’s future, in the hands of IAG
  • Institutional crisis due to protection cases of minors under guardianship
  • Elections in the US: Biden knocks down a haughty Trump
  • Strong controversy over  the bonus of 22,000 euros to politicians
  • Matas and Munar obtain the parole
  • Port Authority’s president, Joan Gual de Torrella, arrested
  • New Paseo Marítimo: + green – cars
  • Turn around in the Cursach case: examining judge and prosecutor investigated
  • Indoor marijuana plantations, the daily bread
  • The pandemic could not beat the fi lm festivals
  • Michael Douglas buys the entire s’Estaca
  • After winning Roland Garros, Nadal equals 20 grand slam record
  • Joan Mir, moto GP world champion by surprise
  • Worldwide commotion over the sudden death of ‘el pibe’
  • Mallorca gets on the elevator to get to Primera

You can access the YEARBOOK, with information by Tomàs Ibarz, doing click in the picture:

noticias más importantes de 2020 en Mallorca