International tourists have cut spending on the islands by 87.1% while domestic tourists have done so by 48.7% in the last nine months

Tourists with the main destination Mallorca spent 1,658.39 million euros from January to September. This is 84.13% less than in the same period of 2019. The data is reflected by the Balearic Institute of Statistics (IBESTAT), which this week has published data on tourist spending (EGATUR) for the month of September. In the same way, daily spending per tourist in Mallorca was 95.36 euros, 37.7% less than in September 2019.

datos turísticos mallorca 2020

Port de Sóller. Photo: Pixabay.

At the regional level, the Balearic Islands was the fifth community in Spain that brought together the highest tourist spending in September, behind Catalonia, Andalusia, the Valencian Community and the Canary Islands. This represents 12.6% of the country’s total tourism expenditure.

Tourists who arrived in the Balearic Islands in September 2020 spent 243.5 million euros, 89.6% less compared to September 2019. Half of this expenditure corresponds to international tourists. Mallorca leads spending with 54.7% of those 243.5 million, followed by the Pitiusas (24.6%) and Menorca (20.7%).

In the period from January to September, total spending in the Balearic Islands was 2,453.5 million, 83.3% less than in the same months of 2019: 67.6% corresponds to that made by tourists who have had Mallorca as their destination main, 19.2% the Pitiusas and 13.2% Menorca.

The effects of the pandemic

All these data now published are nothing but a reflection of the health crisis of this 2020. Visitors have dropped dramatically and this is strongly reflected in the published statistics.

Spending by national tourists these nine months in the archipelago (746.4 million euros) fell by -48.7% compared to the same period in 2019, and that of international tourists (1,707.1 million) decreased by -87.1%.

Until September, Germany contributed 27.66% to the total expenditure made by tourists on the islands and the United Kingdom, 9.18%. The variation rate with respect to the previous year was -82.6% and -93.5% for Germany and the United Kingdom, respectively.

Other indicators

From January to September 2020, the spending of tourists by section and by average stay is distributed as follows:

distribución gasto turista en baleares

The average stay of tourists in the Balearic Islands was 7.5 overnight stays with an annual variation compared to the same period of the previous year of 14.05%.

estancia media turistas Baleares 2020

The accumulated number of overnight stays on the islands this year was 21,048,392, which represents a decrease of 78.06%.

número de pernoctaciones Baleares septiembre 2020