Very powerful global brands linked to travel, sports, entertainment, knowledge and technology sweep social networks with millions of followers, one of the signs that indicates the impact of the brand in the digital community and the value it has .

A survey carried out by Marketing4eCommerce, looks at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Youtube. The list indicates that the social media accounts of National Geographic, The Ellen Show, Real Madrid C.F, FC Barcelona, ​​Nike, UEFA Champions League, Samsung, Tasty, Netflix and NASA are the leaders in the digital world.

More than 284 million National Geographic harvests in total, with a clear positioning on Instagram – 190 million -, the network that most impacts with images. The renowned publication, oriented to issues of ecology, culture and science, has always stood out for its photographic reports.

A leader in television entertainment, The Ellen Show continues on the list with 272.40 million followers. The images on Instagram and the posts on Twitter add a lot of traffic, YouTube also standing out, with 38 million.

The sport closely follows these brands. The Spanish clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​fight inch by inch for third place, which at the moment holds the ‘merengue’ with 270.95 million against 270, 60 which adds the ‘blaugrana’. Barcelona only surpasses its rival on TikTok and YouTube, with 11.6 million followers and 12.5 million respectively.

Nike (227, 96 million), Champions League (204.61 million), Samsung (182.47 million) Tasty (172, 10 million), Netflix
(165.10 million) and Nasa (154.72 million) close the list.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Youtube, the social networks that lead the digital community. Photo: Pixabay.