From today, readers can buy the autumn-winter edition of Mallorca Global Magacín at their nearest newsstand. A new issue that discusses, among many other topics, the satelliteisation of space, a great unknown yet for the Balearic Islands. It is the cosmic vision of the Mallorcan engineer Rafel Jordà, who proposes the launching of satellites and details the benefits that – in different ways – this would bring to solve the great dilemmas facing our society today.

Mallorca Global Mag brings to the forefront one of the great crises of our times – and of those to come – the migration crisis, under the title “The Balearic Islands, the second deadliest African migrant route in Spain”. The voices of the protagonists narrate in first person the human dramas that swell the death toll of the Mare Mortum, as the Mediterranean is sadly known. In the first half of 2023 alone, the Algerian migratory route, which has taken hold in recent years, has taken the lives of 102 people. Mafias that move thousands of euros at the cost of human and arms trafficking, corrupt governments and states that pass the buck in assuming responsibility are part of the problem rather than the solution to a future threatened by recalcitrant racism and the defencelessness of the victims.

Other voices that make their way into this edition on current issues such as the increase in violence among young people and social networks, the limits on the entry of tourists, the rise of virtual influencers or the futuristic process of creating cultured meat come from the sharp pen of the writers Camilo J. Cela Conde, Margalida Gili, Aleix Calveras, Eduardo Jordá, Carlos García-Delgado, Andreu Palou, Bartomeu Bestard, Albert Morano and José Eduardo Iglesias.

mallorca global mag revista otoño-invierno 2023

Mallorca Global Mag, the latest news from the Balearics now at your newsstand

The autumn-winter 2023 edition exclusively features the islands’ biggest fortunes and the 100 companies with the highest turnover, according to the latest figures for 2022, with the archipelago ranking fourth in this ranking of the richest communities, behind only Madrid, Catalonia and the Basque Country.

Culture occupies an important space in the publication with interviews with the artists Albert Pinya and Maika Makovski, the writer Biel Mesquida, as well as a tour of the Sa Bassa Blanca Museum, in a tribute to art, which opens its doors to Mallorca Global Mag to discover the legacy of the tandem Ben Jakober and Yannick Yu, in love with Mallorca since the 1960s.

In the field of gastronomy, Michelin-starred chefs Santi Taura and Fernando P. Arellano wanted to share with the readers of Mallorca Global Magacín two recipes for making the most of their time to replicate at home.

The current edition of the magazine looks at health from the point of view of meteorosensitivity and light pollution, which affects more than just environmental considerations. In this area, Mallorca is undoubtedly putting the focus this 2024 on Responsible Tourism through the Our Pledge campaign, promoted by the Fundació Mallorca Turisme (Mallorca Tourism Board).

Saying ‘I do’ in Mallorca is all the rage. In an X-ray of the sector, it is the wedding planners who speak of a 2024 that is practically closed and a 2025 agenda that is beginning to fill up.

Sport also has a place in the pages of Mallorca Global Mag. The three former Collerense players, Mariona Caldentey, Cata Coll and Patri Guijarro, at the top of world football, have now taken the helm of women’s football for a future that looks set to be full of triumphs. As well as the Mallorcan Mario Mola, triple world champion in triathlon, who reveals his more human side.

In addition, a special supplement on construction and interior design presents the keys to the sector’s roadmap for the coming years in the Balearic Islands, with the opinions of its main players.

A complete Agenda with the appointments not to be missed until March 2024 and the most outstanding news of 2023 compiled in the Yearbook close the 156 pages of the autumn-winter 2023-2024 edition of Mallorca Global Magacín, which can be purchased at newsstands from today.