A simulated souvenir shop has acted as a way to record the reactions of residents and tourists. In it the Government has reformulated the traditional souvenirs to explain the improvements for workers and the environment of the new tourism law. “Balearic Islands, where workers are as important as tourists” is the main message that can be read printed on a towel hanging in the shop in the centre of Palma.

The typical tourist products of the gift shops, such as fans, postcards or T-shirts, have been accompanied by new and different messages. This is how the Government of the Balearic Islands is presenting the new tourism law. Through a street action, filmed with a hidden camera, citizens react with surprise when they see a somewhat special souvenir shop.

Among the messages they wanted to convey were the following: “Someone who loves me very much has gone to a hotel in the Balearic Islands free of disposable plastics and brought me this T-shirt”. “Balearic Islands, where hotels will eliminate 57 tonnes of CO2 per year”.

Magnets, water bottles, mugs, aprons and postcards explain that the new law does not only take tourists into account. It also respects workers’ rights and quality of work, resources and the environment, and the comfort of the resident population. This is the promotional video of the campaign, with the surprise of the participants: