You can see their images walking around Palma or the villages of Mallorca, in the kiosks and souvenir shops. They are the stars of Mallorca’s postcards, mugs, key rings, magnets, etc., one of those souvenirs that many tourists take home with them. The rock arches formed along the Mallorcan coast emerge as impressive natural windows to the sea. They attract with their magnetic beauty those who visit the island and only contemplate them as an inspiration.

Es Pontàs is Mallorca’s best known natural bridge. Its perfect arch formation is a real attraction in the area of Santanyí and Cala Llombards, among which this natural rock formation is located.

Es Pontàs Mallorca arco natural

Es Pontàs

Sport and adventure

Es Pontàs is especially popular among free climbing enthusiasts, as in 2007 climber Chris Sharma popularized it in an EMI-winning sports documentary. Since then, fans of psychoblock, a form of climbing without ropes on water, have marked it as a point of special interest for the practice of this sport.

To see it, you have to go to the vicinity of Cala Santanyí, the nearest beach. You can park in Carrer de sa Cova des Vell Mari and continue walking for about ten minutes until you reach the Es Pontàs viewpoint.

The second window to the sea we suggest you visit is the natural rock bridge of Cala Varques. A short walk from this beach, one of the busiest in the Mallorcan summer, leads to this impressive geological formation. The area is rich in caves carved into the ground, in fact the arch is the result of one of them, as the upper part came off.

Cala Varques is one of the favourite beaches for those looking to jump off cliffs in Mallorca, so it combines perfectly with adventure sports. In any case, whether for adrenaline or simply contemplation, both rock formations are well worth a visit.

puente natural cala Varques

Natural  Bridge cala Varques