PP wins the elections in the Balearic Islands with 25 MPs and could govern with Vox, which rises to 8 seats. The PP has been the most voted force in the Island Councils, as well as in the Balearic municipalities

President of the PP in the Balearic Islands, Margalida Prohens, has won the regional elections by winning 25 seats in the Balearic Parliament, nine more than in the 2019 elections. With these results, the PP will need the support of Vox – the third force in these elections – to achieve a parliamentary majority sufficient to govern, which stands at 30 seats.

For his part, the leader of Vox in the Balearic Islands, Jorge Campos, has already offered his hand to negotiate with the PP, as he stated at a press conference on Sunday.

The PP has been the most voted force in the Island Councils, as well as in the Balearic municipalities. It has 357 councillors, compared to the 265 it won in the 2019 elections.

Results in the Balearic Parliament

In the Balearic Islands, the PP won 25 seats in the Balearic Parliament, followed by the PSIB with 18, Vox, with 8, and Més per Mallorca, with 4. Més per Menorca won 2, Unidas Podemos and Sa Unió, 1.

Prohens y Feijóo

Moment of Feijóo’s visit to the Balearic Islands. Photo: Instagram PP Baleares.

In the 2019 elections, the PSIB won 19 seats; the PP, 16; Unidas Podemos, 6; Ciudadanos, 5; Més per Mallorca, 4; Vox and El Pi, 3; Més per Menorca, 2; and Gent per Formentera, 1.

The PP, most voted force in the Consell de Mallorca

Llorenç Galmés is emerging as president of the island institution, with 13 seats. A simple majority that will require a pact whose only ally is Vox.  Which has almost doubled its presence, going from 3 to 5 representatives in Palau Reial. A sum that would give the PP control of the Consell once again, as both would total 18 councillors, one above the absolute majority, set at seventeen.

PSOE loses one of its ten representatives, leaving it with nine. Unidas Podemos disappears from the institution, losing its three representatives. Més per Mallorca resists the blow to the left and retains its four seats.

The PP wins Palma City Hall

The party led by Jaime Martínez wins the elections in Ciutat de Palma. It will be able to make a pact with Vox or opt for a minority government. The Partido Popular has won these elections to Palma City Council with 11 councillors. It improved its 2019 results, and went from 27,654 votes, with Mateo Isern as candidate, to the more than 50,000 it obtained this Sunday. This represents a radical change in the Consistory after eight consecutive years of left-wing governments. The ‘popular’ leader will be able to govern in a minority, but to do so comfortably he will need to make a pact with the party led by Fulgencio Coll. Vox has gone from four to six councillors, winning more than 32,000 votes compared to 19,000 in the last municipal elections.

As for the rest of the forces, the PSIB-PSOE lost one councillor, remaining with 8 councillors and becoming the second political force in Palma. Més has three councillors and Podemos has fallen from three to just one councillor, making a new left-wing bloc pact impossible. In addition, it is worth noting the departure from Cort’s political scene of Ciudadanos, a list headed by Eva Pomar, which started out with four councillors, while El PI has also failed to enter this institution in its third elections.

It should be remembered that in 2019, the PSIB-PSOE was the most voted force, obtaining a total of nine councillors, and ousted the Partido Popular, with Mateo Isern as candidate, who won six. Vox and Ciudadanos won four, while Podemos and Més per Palma won three councillors, which was enough to re-establish a new left-wing pact between PSIB, Més and Podemos, and for José Hila to hold the reigns of power for the next four years.

Councils of Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera

Sa Unió will preside over the Consell de Formentera for the first time, and Vicent Marí will repeat for the second consecutive term as president of the Consell de Eivissa with an ample absolute majority of nearly 21,800 votes. He has won the PP 8 of the 13 deputies of the institution. The PP has also won the Consell de Menorca, although in order to govern it will have to make a pact with Vox, which in this case will also hold the key to government.
For his part, Rafael Triguero, of the Partido Popular, will be the next mayor of the town of Eivissa. In the case of Menorca, in the Maó Town Council, the PP maintains 8 seats, the same as the PSIB-PSOE, which has gained 8 with respect to the 2019 elections. The third most voted force was Ara Maó, with 4 councillors (one less than 4 years ago). Finally, Vox won 1 seat.