After more than 18 months, this October 8th the discos and nightclubs in Mallorca and the rest of the islands will reopen. It is undoubtedly the sector most affected by the restrictions in the Balearic Islands. “The rest of the bars have already opened, but the discos and nightclubs were waiting for it”, explains Rosana Gabardón, general secretary of the Balearic Leisure and Entertainment Association (Abone). Hence, the assessment of the reopening is “positive”, although with nuances.

Gabardón advances that “very few places of this type will open, because being the first is for the brave and they have to see if it pays off or not. The machinery behind opening the door of a nightclub is important and it will be necessary to evaluate whether it is worth it. not only the benefit, but also the service they have to provide”. For this reason, she clarifies, “many will not have restrictions and will be aware of how this point develops and apart from what the first day of opening supposes”. And it is that to all this conjuncture it is necessary to add that a campaign of inspections has been advanced to control that the norms are fulfilled.

Until 5:00 a.m. and with a COVID passport

From Abone they expressed their disagreement with the schedule imposed for these premises. “As of today, discos and nightclubs can open until 5 in the morning, when their normal hours are until 6. We really do not understand much about this time difference”, Gabardón lamented.

On the other hand, users who decide to go to the disco from today must present their COVID passport or Green Pass. The QR that shows that the client is vaccinated will therefore be mandatory to access the premises, “something that we do not understand because it is not requested in other establishments”. The mask will also be mandatory, except when consuming, as well as the maintenance of social distance and the prohibition of consuming in bars. Standards that, in the words of Gabarrón, make the staff “act a bit like police officers, especially at the beginning, because customers don’t come with the lesson learned. Make them comfortable”.

The discos and nightclubs of Mallorca are thus facing the long-awaited reopening, despite the fact that many of them will not open their doors until they reach the next season as they are located in tourist areas, according to the general secretary of Abone.