The rise in fuel prices in Palma sparked a protest by dozens of carriers that began very early with traffic jams on the Vía de Cintura. The detentions reached the Paseo Marítimo. Through social media, users have stated that trucks hindered traffic in the city at rush hour when the workday began.

The demonstration coincides with the indefinite strike called by the Platform for the Defense of the Freight Transport Sector. The sector considers that the situation is “very serious” with “inadmissible” working conditions.

In addition to the increase in fuel, the rise in food prices in recent weeks has raised the voice of businessmen and traders in the Balearic Islands. Last week, the ADNEA Nautical Association, through its president Alex Casares, stated that “the rise in production costs affects the costs of our facilities in addition to price increases in supplies, even missing metal supplies so that factories can produce ”.

Toni Garí, president of CONSTRUÏM pointed out that “the situation may lead to the paralysis of certain industries such as steel.” “It is also worrying about any strike in the transport sector since 3 months ago we lived in a complicated situation having to stop production due to lack of raw materials.”

The EMT Palma reported that the demonstrations of the carriers affected the service in the city. “Lines A1, L23 and L25 are currently affected, but other lines are likely to be affected as they move,” he said.

Carriers travel along the Paseo Marítimo in Palma. Photo: R.B.