The President of the Parliament, Gabriel Le Senne, has summoned the different political groups for Monday of next week to discuss the investiture of Marga Prohens to the Balearic Government, which could be held on Tuesday 4th July

Monday 26th June has been the date chosen by the President of the Parliament, Gabriel Le Senne, to convene the parliamentary groups to find out when the election of the next President of the Government can take place.
PP and Vox continue to negotiate, but the possibility that the investiture of Marga Prohens could take place next Tuesday, 27th June, has been removed.

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Misericòrdia Sugrañes (PP), Mauricio Rovira (PP), Gabriel Le Senne (president of the Parlament, Vox), Mercedes Garrido (PSIB) and Pilar Costa (PSIB).

In his statements, Le Senne referred to the pre-agreement signed between the Popular Party and Vox and explained that from now on it is a question of specifying and developing this document, and he said he did not know “how much time the negotiators of the two parties will need” to achieve the objective of extending the pre-agreement.

Timetable for Prohens’ investiture

What seems certain is that the plenary session for the investiture of Marga Prohens as president of the Government will not be held next Tuesday, as initially planned. One of the most likely dates is Tuesday 4 July. This is taking into account that since the plenary session of the Parliament was held yesterday, Tuesday, the 15 working days to call the investiture end, according to the Parliament, on Friday the 7th.

Both the Parliament and the PP and Vox believe that the best thing to do is to postpone it until the 3rd or 4th of July. They argue that there is not enough time to start the whole process, but they also want to close the agreement between the two parties, which is currently at an impasse.

After the investiture, a period of 60 days is opened in order to have a president of the Government, and if this is not achieved, the Parliament is dissolved and elections are automatically called.