Scammers’ modus operandi consists of directly contacting workers and demanding money through bitcoins or virtual card

According to the National Police, a type of phone scam targeting employees of businesses or companies is spreading. They receive a telephone call from a supposed accountant, courier company or administration requesting payment of an amount of money at bitcoin ATMs or virtual card, justifying it as necessary for the receipt of a package, payment of pending fees or fines, and ensuring that the boss is aware of this.

To prevent the worker from checking the payment’s validity with their superior, they allege a false urgency with the threat of imposing high monetary fines and even threatening to close the establishment. They also demand that the worker contribute their own money in case the amount is insufficient. Once deposited, the money is difficult to trace as it is sent to bitcoin wallets.

The National Police recommends never attending this type of call and immediately consulting the hierarchical superior to check its validity. They also assure that a public company or courier company will never demand money through bitcoins or virtual cards.