The IV Photography Contest “10 years Serra de Tramuntana. Yesterday and Today” begins on September 10th. Until the 26th of this month, photographers interested in participating can submit their images through the platform

This year, the Serra de Tramuntana Photography Contest will have four categories endowed with three prizes each: 800 euros for the winner and two honorary prizes endowed with 400 and 200 euros, respectively. In addition, and following the initiative of the III Photography Contest, a virtual contest will be held through the social networks of the Serra de Tramuntana World Heritage Consortium. In it, the best photograph chosen by the jury made up of specialists in photography and in the Serra de Tramuntana world heritage can be voted on. The winning image of the virtual contest will be awarded an amount of 100 euros. In total, the contest will distribute 5,700 euros in prizes.

The categories

The Serra de Tramuntana Photography Contest is framed this year on the tenth anniversary of the Declaration of the Serra de Tramuntana as World Heritage by UNESCO in the category of Cultural Landscape. That is why he will focus on this event to set its sights both on the elements of the Serra that have remained unchanged over time and on those that have evolved.

The first category is “La Serra intacta”, which aims to capture the physical environment of the Serra, with images where alterations made by humans are not appreciated. “Vida a la Serra” will deal with biodiversity: humans, animals and plants that coexist within the space that comprises the Serra de Tramuntana. The third, “Transformation of the Serra”, is the category that emphasizes human impact, always in a respectful way, to adapt life to the adverse conditions of the terrain. It is the space for photographs on the elements of the ethnological heritage of the Serra (dry stone and the hydraulic network). Finally, the fourth category, “Refuge to the Serra”, will seek to give prominence to the shelters that have been built in the Serra de Tramuntana, such as possessions, villages or defense towers.