In August there is increasing interest in knowing when and where to see the Perseids in Mallorca in 2023. The Perseids, also called the Tears of Saint Lawrence due to the celebration of this saint on the 10th of August, begin to be visible during the summer nights, a “star shower” that takes place every year at this time. Why can we see the Perseids in Mallorca? The origin of this phenomenon is due to the Swit-Tuttle comet which was discovered in 1863. It is a celestial body with a diameter of 26 km. The trail of stellar dust given off by its tail as it approaches the sun means that at this time of the year these remains coincide with the orbit of the earth. The small fragments of the comet enter the Earth’s atmosphere in the form of meteors, leaving a spectacular star shower, better known as the Perseids, during these nights.

How to see the Tears of Saint Lawrence

The IMCE (Institut Mallorquí de Ciències de l’Espai) is one of the organisations that has scheduled two outings to see the Perseids in Mallorca in 2023. The first will be on Saturday the 5th of August at Bellver Castle. They propose to learn, in the company of IMCE specialists, the physics of the meteors and the recommendations to be able to enjoy the night of the 12th to 13th August, coinciding with the peak of the star shower. As well as observing the sky through telescopes from the castle, the entrance fee includes explanations from experts, stargazing, etc. In addition, on their website they offer a second activity on the 12th of August at the Casas de Galatzó. For both activities, different groups will be created with different timetables and languages (Catalan and Spanish).

You can also enjoy the Tears of Saint Lawrence on your own. For this reason, here are some tips for observing the Perseids in Mallorca this 2023.

Best places to see the Perseids in Mallorca in 2023

As a general rule, to enjoy a magical night you should consider the following:

  • Gather without crowds: Any location where the sky is dark is perfect to see the star shower. Although it is not easy, as Mallorca has quite a lot of light pollution. The ideal is to avoid tourist areas and look for those with a smaller population.

perseidas mallorca 2023, mapa de contaminación lumínica

  • Palma and the airport are the worst places to see the Perseids in Mallorca. Also areas with poorly installed streetlights that illuminate upwards.
  • Go to spots without obstacles, without buildings and make yourself comfortable. From a hammock to standing up, the Tears of Saint Lawrence will be seen with the naked eye.

Some of the most recommended areas to enjoy the Perseids in Mallorca in 2023 are the following:

  • Serra de Tramuntana north face: The best places are the coastal areas facing the sea: Cala Tuent, Sa Calobra and Llucalcari. The reservoirs of Cúber and Es Gorg Blau are also ideal for observing the night sky.
  • South Coast: The unspoilt beaches, far away from the population and therefore from light pollution, are a good option to see the Perseids in Mallorca after a sunset by the sea. Such as Es Trenc, Es Carbó, Es Caragol and Cap de Ses Salines. Closer to Palma, another good option is the cliffs of the Cap Blanc lighthouse.
  • Levante Norte: In the Parc Natural de la Península de Llevant you can also find areas far away from the light of the cities and towns.

When to see the Perseids in Mallorca in 2023

The Tears of Saint Lawrence can be enjoyed until approximately the 24th of August. The night of 12 to 13 August is the night of greatest activity.