The president of the Hotel Association of Palma, Javier Vich, announced at Fitur that Palma is adding seven new hotels this year to the existing offer of 72 establishments. Some will be located in the city center and others outside the historic part. “In the last 10 years, an important qualitative leap has been made to achieve this data in the transformation, diversification and specialization of the accommodation offer in our city.

The joint effort, carried out between the public and private initiative, has motivated that in Palma it has been possible to add value to the product through a careful segmentation of the offer; reposition the destination for an increasingly demanding and competitive global market”, Vich considered.

And he added that 2021 has been a year of great uncertainty and disaggregated activity motivated by the pandemic. He also pointed out that “Palma has become one of the European cities with the largest number of boutique hotels in its historic centre. Its implementation has changed the urban appearance of the city, sustainably improving the arrival of high-net-worth tourists, defined as a conscious luxury. It is a tourism that helps deseasonalization, which is motivated by culture, gastronomy; looking for exceptional experiences; in short, a cosmopolitan tourist”.

Balance and prospects 2022

Vich participated together with the Councilor for Tourism, Health and Consumption, Elena Navarro and Isabel Vidal, president of the Hotel Association of Playa de Palma in a round table in which the manager of the Fundación Turismo Palma 365, Pedro Homar, also participated.

During the act, Councilor Navarro highlighted the importance of the national market for the destination. Vidal pointed out that “Playa de Palma is a sustainable and accessible destination, safe and prudent in terms of health, an example of lifestyle and the perfect destination for sports tourism” and added that it is “a destination with added value, thanks to its location , offer and professionalization”. He has also declared that Playa de Palma is: “an ideal tourist area for families, couples, groups of friends of all ages or just travellers”.

The Fundació Turisme, for its part, works with the aim of offering a safe, open, cosmopolitan destination throughout the year, so that visitors can enjoy the best experience, especially in these times when the situation has caused a substantial change in traveler trends and preferences. Homar explained that the Foundation has continued with the same line of improvement to offer a fully prepared destination for both residents and visitors.

Pedro Homar, Javier Vich, Elena Navarro and Isabel Vidal, at FITUR. Photo: Palma City Council.