From March 9 to 13, the first edition of the Paco de Lucía Festival will be held in Palma with young flamenco figures and prominent figures, such as the Soleà brothers and Kiki Morente.

The famous guitarist, who died in 2014, considered Mallorca to be “paradise”. So it was. Together with his wife, Gabriela Canseco, he spent the last and happiest years of his life in Mallorca, where his home and his studio are located. His figure is also celebrated in Can Balaguer until March 27 with a guitar exhibition.

Paco de Lucía and his guitar. Photo: Paco de Lucía Foundation.

Soleá and Kiki Morente: March 9 at the Teatro Principal in Palma

The brothers present “Two hearts at a time”, a project in which they begin a walk through the concept of “tradition-translation” each with their own personality. Both Soleá and Kiki come together, fusing their own universes into one, that of music and freedom.

Soleá Morente. Photo Raquel Calvo.

Niño de Elche: March 10 at the Teatro Principal in Palma

Francisco Contreras Molina, known as “Niño de Elche”, is a musician specialized in flamenco music, one of the innovators of the genre. He offers a repertoire and aesthetic forms that were part of the structure that today forms the new singer. An evening where the duende is once again that demon master of ceremonies that makes flamenco an irreversible act.

Israel Fernández and Diego Del Morao: March 11 at the Xesc Forteza Theater

Israel Fernández and Diego del Morao form one of the leading couples in current flamenco, and they are sought after in the best venues and festivals of the genre. After working together for a while, they now embark on “Amor”, this record project with the desire to capture all the personality that they both treasure.

La “tremendita”. Photo: Carmen Almirante.

Rosario Guerrero, “la tremendita”: March 12 at the Xesc Forteza Theater

Singer born in Triana, Seville (1984), as well as a performer, Rosario assumes the role of composer, producer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist (she accompanies herself with guitar, electric bass and percussion). According to critics, she is one of the great innovators of current flamenco and an icon of the new times of flamenco art.

With Tremenda (2021) he reviews and investigates cante jondo, a creative proposal that leads to a heterogeneous musical space, free from stylistic ties and rules, where tradition is narrowed from impurity, to endow it with sonorities, ‘a priori’ far removed from traditional flamenco.

Miguel Fernández ‘El Yiyo’: March 13 at the Xesc Forteza Theater

Miguel Fernández Ribas, better known to the public as El Yiyo, is a young dancer who is only 25 years old, but has dedicated more than 17 years to professional dance. Member of a gypsy family from Jaén, he is pure instinct and art. He has starred in more than 20 plays, and at just 11 years old he completed his first international tour. There is no doubt that El Yiyo is one of the dancers with the greatest projection on the current scene.

His new show, “Jubilee”, is an invitation to the public to join his new party. It is a new resurgence where he shows unpublished facets developed together with his dance team that, through the desire to share the celebration again, transforms the show into a family party, without neglecting his own personal style. .