Mallorca Caprice website,, continues to increase in number of users and visits, after the Copernican turn given to its content about two months ago in what is a clear commitment to the online world. This upward trend was confirmed during the month of March, a period in which its pages have been visited nearly 15,000 times.

Evolución visitas

The redesign of the home page, which seeks to give more prominence to current information, and the periodic publication of news, interviews and reports related to the reality of the island are closely linked to the excellent evolution that the website has undergone in recent months. In just two months, the number of users has grown by 316%.

The readers of come weekly to this portal in search of the informative proposals that the magazine shares from time to time (cultural and leisure plans, social, business, sports news, etc.), as well as useful information for citizens: current restrictions, what can be done at Easter, where to eat well, the best excursions to do as a family, etc. Likewise, its own initiatives such as the contest “Mallorca: Reconciliation gazes” capture the interest of those who click on its pages.

Mallorca Caprice is consolidated as one of the Balearic digital companies, with a 222% increase in visits compared to January, which corroborates the success in the commitment to a new editorial line and the quality of online content. Its offline leadership has also moved online after breaking with the annual character that characterized it to appear before its target audience daily on the web and quarterly on paper.

Thank you very much to all for being there.

First results in Google

Mallorca Caprice articles frequently appear in the first Google search results. This is due to the fact that the contents are user-centered and are constantly analyzed and optimized so that they are of interest to readers.

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