Develop a strategic tourism plan in the municipalities of Mallorca to become a smart destination. This is one of the objectives of the Consell de Mallorca, for which it will grant subsidies to the towns of the island worth 450,000 euros. Grants that will try to provide city councils with ICT tools, web portals, mobile applications or with the implementation of technology-based tourism projects, such as routes with digital tools.

This call for city councils will be published, predictably, during the second half of March, according to sources from the Consell. And with it, it will try to coordinate actions and carry out a joint strategy for the entire tourism sector in Mallorca. In addition to positioning the island in the best possible way once the fluidity returns to national and international movements.

consell plan turismo en Alcudia

Presentation of the tourist plan of the Consell in Alcúdia.

President Catalina Cladera highlighted that “the work we have carried out during these months makes Mallorca the first line of departure as a safe, sustainable and quality destination for when tourist markets reopen and mobility recovers around the world. ”.

Tourist intelligence

The three fundamental lines of work promoted by the Consell for the reopening of tourism are “security, sustainability and tourism intelligence”. This has been expressed by the minister Andreu Serra, who explained that the current objective is to “capture demand”. More so now that “tourism trends have changed” and it is a key moment to adapt our offer to what our markets demand and through the channels in which they are found.

For the consolidation of this objective, the Minister has given details of the Strategic Plan that is being developed. Actions such as the marketing and advertising strategy, communication agencies at source, the promotion of promotional social networks or actions to consolidate the island as a destination for film tourism through the Mallorca Film Commission stand out.