Today celebrates 50 years since Earth Day and the fourth anniversary of the signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change. The current COVID-19 pandemic is a clear reminder of our vulnerability and of the planet in the face of threats of global magnitude. These days, from the Hindu city of Jalandhar, some 200 kilometres from the Himalayas, the mountains on the horizon can be seen clearly for the first time in decades.

As in India, so too across the planet, during these weeks of confinement there is one thing that has benefited: the environment.

The almost total disappearance of air traffic has left the islands with a clean sky, free of noise and engine trails.

The reduction of noise in the cities now allows us to hear the song of the birds.

The decline in nautical and sporting activities has brought with it even clearer waters. It has also allowed a multitude of species to approach our shores.

The plant and animal species of the Serra de la Tramontana, a World Heritage Site, are enjoying full freedom.

The absence of bathers is leaving clean beaches, in natural state and free of residues.

Mallorca is now more beautiful than ever. Let us hope that we appreciate this and that this situation will be a starting point for us to take much more care of our islands. Now more than ever, we will have the opportunity to discover Mallorca as we dreamed it.

By: Irene Viseras