With the participation of 50 vintage cars, Mallorca will experience the fifth edition of Mallorca Classic Week by Por Adriano between October 14 and 17, one of the most elegant and glamorous events that fill the streets and roads of the island with curiosity with models of late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

One of the peculiarities of Mallorca Classic Week is that the only car elegance contest in Spain is held. The jury, which will select the 12 best, is headed by Prince Leopold of Bavaria and Ulrich Knieps, CEO of the Concorso d’Elegança de Villa d’Este in Italy.

Drivers from Mexico, England, Austria, Ireland, Andorra and Germany, among other countries, make the Mallorca Classic Week an international event with a worldwide reach. The jewels of the event will be a Mercedes Benz from 1886, the first car in history; a 1912 Ford and a 1934 MG-PA, among other rarities.

The edition will also have space for “future pilots” with a fun pedal car race – similar to 1969 models – which will feature children between 6 and 9 years old.

Activities Calendar

After a great welcome barbecue on Thursday, Friday is dedicated to discovering Mallorca with the «Pleasure Drive» program. It is a journey through routes and enchanting landscapes where classic cars will display their grace for the pleasure of passersby.

On Saturday, from 11:00, the American Car Club will gather a series of American cars where there will be a very fresh atmosphere with dancing, pin-up contests and music.

On Sunday morning, on the other hand, the engines of the classic vehicles will be started again for a fun gymkhana, where the participants will have to follow different tracks until they reach the Alfabia Gardens.