The expert consultant on the value of leading brands Brand Finance incorporates Loewe, in its report Luxury & Premium 50 2019, as one of the 50 most valuable luxury brands in the world. A prestigious ranking in which for the first time a Spanish brand is included in the report, one of the clients of the magazine Mallorca Caprice.

We love the new Loewe collection designed by Jonathan Anderson that conveys an extremely feminine, luxurious and ethereal elegance. The outfit looks more like handmade ornaments in workshops in different cities around the world.

As part of the new Loewe accessories collection, we liked the new Balloon handbag as a new brand icon. For the evening, the classic Heel bag, in handbag version. And we also kept the classic moccasin reformulated in different formats, from the boot to the undercut.

The superimposed surfaces, characterised by a sensible harmony of crisp and decorative fabrics, question the relationship between the inside and outside of the garment. The embroidery of flowers, geometric lace or elaborate guipures and chantillís, appear incrusted in the matt cottons and Japanese satin. The circular macramé, organdie ribbons and folded gauze generate precious handcrafted transparencies, while the low handkerchiefs framing the skirts and dresses reflect exceptional tailoring. The gabardines descend into the back or fall into wrinkled volumes, while the layers are presented in a knitted shoulder and poncho version with extravagant sleeves and pearl linings, wooden bowls and fringes that descend from the bare shoulders.

Author: Irene Viseras

Jonathan Anderson