17 August will mark the start of the 15th Legislature in the Congress of Deputies, which will be made up of a majority of MPs who are new to the lower house. On this occasion, there will be 155 women occupying 44% of the seats, which is 11 fewer than the figure recorded in the most equal and shortest parliamentary session in history, which emerged after the April 2019 elections. With a median age of 52, the Congress of 2023 will have an older profile compared to the one established in December three years ago, following the repeat elections, according to information from RTVE. In addition, approximately 90% of deputies have a university education, mainly in law, in contrast to the 41% of the population with higher education.

The 50-64 age bracket (or those who will reach that age this year) comprises more than half of the MPs. If we add the 20 or so individuals who will reach the age of 65 by the end of 2023, approximately 60% of the seats will be occupied by people aged 50 and over. A little more than a third belong to the 35-49 age range, while only 8 per cent are young people under that age.

The youngest member of Congress is Ada Santana Aguilera, the PSOE representative for Las Palmas, who turned 25 in April. On the other hand, the oldest deputy also comes from the PSOE. She is Cristina Narbona, who returns to Congress after her time in the Senate and recently celebrated her 72nd birthday in July.

Balearic Islands Members of Parliament

A total of eight MPs have been elected in the Balearic Islands. Three from the PP and three from the PSOE, one from Sumar Més and another from Vox:

  • José Vicente Marí Bosó (PP)
  • Sandra Fernández Herranz (PP)
  • Joan Mesquida Mayans (PP)
  • Francina Armengol (PSOE)
  • Pepe Mercadal Baquero (PSOE)
  • Milena Herrera García (PSOE)
  • Vicenç Vidal (Sumar Mès)
  • Jorge Campos (VOX)