The Local Police of Palma seized more than 70 counterfeit luxury brand handbags this weekend through various controls against irregular street sales. The agents detected bags from brands such as Zadig & Voltaire (4), Louis Vuitton (19), Gucci (4), Prada (23), Yves Saint Laurent (4), Lacoste (2), Chanel (2), Marc Jacobs (6), Valentino Grabani (1), Christian Dior (1), Goyard (3) and MCM (1), whose prices can exceed one thousand euros. In addition, 3 hats, 6 wallets, 11 card holders, 28 fans, 50 shopping bags, 310 fridge magnets, 4 football shirts and 1 portable fan were seized.

bolsos falsos requisados en palma

Traffic controls

On the other hand, the Palma Local Police carried out various traffic controls over the weekend, which resulted in more than one hundred fines. In Sant Magí street, the officers issued 40 fines for improperly parked vehicles, while in Avinguda Gabriel Roca, for the same reason, the fines for improper parking amounted to 43. In addition, on Calle Federico García Lorca they recorded one fine for lack of insurance, 2 for not wearing a seat belt, 7 administrative breathalyser tests, 4 criminal breathalyser tests, 5 for lack of an MOT and one for not having a driving licence.