Jaume Ripoll (Mallorca, 1977), director of Atlàntida Film Fest and co-founder of Filmin platform.

This year Filmin has been a ‘hit’. Has lockdown contributed to this?

It has been a sum of factors. Hard work for many years, the fact that this situation has caught us at a time of technological maturity… The lockdown has been noticed also. In addition to the catalog, which had been improved.

How is it different from other platforms?

We serve different audiences very well: a classical music channel, horror films, gastronomy documentaries, a collection of LGTBI cinema unique in Spain… It is a platform where you feel comfortable discovering content. From classic cinema to the current award-winning movies of the Oscars, Cannes, etc. Even series that have been a success in their countries like “Los Durrell”, “El Colapso”, which we are releasing now.

Jaume Ripoll Filmin

Which projects and expansion plans does Filmin have?

We are consolidating Spain and Portugal. Another way is to take Atlàntida to other countries of the European Union. We recently announced the 3rd edition in Portugal and the 1st in Greece, Serbia, Albania and Bulgaria. It is a festival that Mallorca could take advantage of as a claim. Next year will go through strengthening the catalog and participating in own productions and co-productions.

Can you advance some premieres for 2021?

One of the most beautiful projects for 2021 is “Josep”, the only Spanish animation film in Cannes history. It talks about the life of Josep Arbolí, a Catalan cartoonist who fled to France in the Civil War. Other major premieres are “Search” and “The painter and the thief.”

Jaume Ripoll Filmin

Movie theaters and platforms. Do they live together or are they competition?

We left this controversy many years ago. Last year, both broke billing records. What will the situation of movie theaters be from 2021 onwards? It will depend on 3 clear elements. What the big multinationals will do, the pull of festivals and what the institutions do. Either they intervene by giving direct aim to the cinemas, disseminators of culture, or many will be committed to the closing.