From today, health centers start the next phase of the vaccination campaign 2023 aimed at the child population. The vaccination against influenza and Covid in the Balearic Islands began on Monday, October 16 and this phase that starts today is aimed at about 45,000 children aged between 6 months and 5 years and 11 months, that is, those who have not reached the age of six. Another 8,500 babies will also be immunized against the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes bronchiolitis among infants, and for the first time smokers will be vaccinated.

As reported by the Regional Ministry of Health, the flu and Covid vaccination campaign began during the second half of October, from October 16, among people in nursing homes, day care centers and health professionals. The general population has already been vaccinated in health centers.

In principle, one dose will be administered and, as a novelty, smokers are recommended to be vaccinated this year.

On the other hand, 45,000 children aged between 6 months and under six years old are vaccinated from today against influenza and 8,500 babies born between October and March and those born between April and October are also immunized to protect them from bronchiolitis.

The joint flu and Covid vaccination campaign is aimed at all persons aged 60 and over and those under this age with risk conditions.

Appointments for vaccination can be made at health centers by calling the Infosalut telephone number: 971 22 00 00.