The Govern prohibits local councils from authorising new developments if they already have unbuilt urban land or land to be rehabilitated. In addition, they are limited to the construction of swimming pools on rural land.

Today has been approved a setback for construction in terms of urban expansion. The Govern urges town councils to comply with this new regulation, the Decree Law, 10/2022, with which they will not be able to authorise new urbanisations if they have unbuilt urban land. This measure is intended to prevent the expansion of some large villas or rustic estates when there are unfinished buildings, unbuilt plots or plots in the pipeline in urban areas. It should be noted that this new regulation limits swimming pools on rural land, Natural Areas of Special Interest such as in es Trenc, the barraco de Xorrigo, some areas of the Tramuntana.

The measures are included in a Decree Law, 10/2022, which will have to go through a validation process in Parliament.

The Conseller de Medi Ambient i Terrirori, Miquel Mir, has communicated that town councils will not be allowed to extend urban land planning on rustic land. Likewise, the Minister stressed that it will not be possible to expand land for development on land at risk of flooding.

It should be noted that the Government has made an exception to this regulation for the construction of public housing or public buildings, such as schools or parks, as long as the municipalities do not have the land to build them.

Approximately 150 hectares in Mallorca and Ibiza will be disqualified as land for development. Among them are the 11 hectares occupied by the Parc Natural d’Es Trenc, which has been declared a Rural Area of Landscape Interest. This puts the project for the construction of the Hotel de Ses Covetes on hold, giving priority to the conservation of Es Trenc.

Govern prohibe suelo urbanizable