The Casal Solleric hosts the 26th edition of Foto Jove under the title “Color y vida”. Through photography, this activity invites young people to show their most creative outlook on issues related to art and culture.

Foto Jove has broken records this year with 1,400 young participants between the ages of 9 and 20, from 21 educational centers, and a total of 5,000 images collected. “Color y Vida” brings the viewer closer to the colorful photography of artists such as Ouka Lele, the great creators of Pop Art, the masters of color geometry … In addition, he travels through the great nature photographers and immerses himself in photographic mimicry. A happy and colorful vision in times of pandemic.

The exhibition, open to the viewer until May 20, shows a selection of prizes and outstanding photographs of the contest together with a video that collects the best of the activity.

Winner photos

“In times of Covid, a social challenge that we must face together, what better starting point to explore reality from a young perspective, transforming everyday life to review our reality and travel to a surprising universe”, said the mayor José Hila on this sample.