The XIII edition of Febrer Negre will bring to Palma various events around literature and film noir, between Saturday February 18 and 25 of this month

The objective is to demonstrate the validity and actuality of the noir novel, explains the curator of the festival, Francesc Sanchis. Febrer Negre will be opened by professor Javier Sánchez, with the lecture “Novel-la negra espanyola: varietats d’un gènere a l’actualitat”.

Different authors will present their latest works, such as Víctor del Árbol, winner of the Premi Nadal in 2016, who will present the book “Nadie en esta tierra”. Ibón Martín, one of the best-selling writers nowadays, will do the same with “Ladrón de rostros”.

From the Valencian Community, Mariló Álvarez (“Suïcidis S.A.”) and Joan Carles Ventura (“Fletxes desviades”) will also present their works.

The Mallorcan Sebastià Bennàssar brings us “Quinqui connection” and will offer the reading workshop “Matar sense pena” at the Encarnació Vinyes Library.

As part of the festival, a dinner-talk with the writers will also be organized on Friday the 24th at the Innside Palma Center hotel. The event requires a reservation at the Quars or Embat bookstore. In addition, journalist Joan Carles Palos will offer a “criminal walk” through the streets of Palma.

Program of Febrer Negre 2023

Saturday 18:

  • Itinerary “Els crims reals de Palma”, with Joan Carles Palos (10.00 h, Cort).
  • Free jazz concert “The Milenberg two” (12.30 h, passeig dels Geranis).

Monday 20:

  • Presentation of the book “Ladrón de rostros”, by Ibón Martín (18.00 h, Quars Llibres).
  • Presentation of the book “Un bien relativo”, by Teresa Cardona (19.00 h, Quars Llibres).

Tuesday 21:

  • Conference “Novel-la negra espanyola: varietats d’un gènere a l’actualitat”, by Javier Sánchez (6.30 pm, Biblioteca de Cort).

Wednesday 22nd:

  • Presentation of the book “Puta Pasta”, by Emili Bayo (18.00 h, Embat Llibres).
  • Screening of the film “El silenci d’un home” (20.00 h, teatre Mar i Terra).

Thursday 23rd:

  • Mariló Álvarez offers a talk to the students of l’IES Ses Estacions (11.00 h).
  • Presentation of the book “Suïcidis S.A.” (18.00 h, Embat Llibres).
  • Presentation of the book “Fletxes desviades”, by Joan Carles Ventura (19.00 h, Embat Llibres).

Friday 24th:

  • Reading workshop “Matar sense passar pena”, by Sebastià Bennàssar (5 p.m., Biblioteca Encarnació Vinyes).
  • Presentation of the book “Los animales de ciudad no lloran”, by Graziella Moreno (18.00 h, Quars Llibres).
  • Presentation of the book “Nadie en esta tierra”, by Víctor del Árbol (19.00 h, Quars Llibres).
  • Dinner and get-together with the writers, at 25 € per person (21.00 h, Innside Palma Center hotel).

Saturday 25th:

  • Presentation of the book “Quinqui connection”, by Sebastià Bennàssar (11.00 h, Quars Llibres).
  • Presentation of the book “Indira”, by Santiago Díaz (12.00 h, Quars Llibres).