The international designer Custo Dalmau and the bailaor Eduardo Guerrero were the luxury guests of the second edition of the show ‘Encuentros’, which after the public and critical success of the first edition, which took place at the Auditorium in Palma on 27th March in a single show at 9 pm.

In this way, ‘Encuentros 2’, a show by the company Ballet Jove Mallorca produced by Mallorca Caprice, will place the colourful originality of Custo Barcelona and the overwhelming flamenco of Eduardo Guerrero on the same stage, to offer the public a union between dance and fashion that will put their emotions on the spot.

Produced by Mallorca Caprice and directed by María Antonia Mas, ‘Encuentros’ is the result of a joint creative process between three choreographers: Alejandro Haro Ruiz, Cristina Juaneda Durán and Esther Martínez Albertí, who have managed to harmonise classical, contemporary ballet and hip-hop so that they speak with one voice.