Just 10 days after its recording, Rosalía announced yesterday on social networks the premiere of the music video for “Despechá”. The music video for this new single by the Catalan artist was filmed in es Portitxol, Mallorca. Rosalía filmed the video clip on 30 July, the day before her spectacular Motomoami Tour concert. The filming took place in the afternoon on Palma’s es Portitxol beach in front of the Es Vaixell and Erizo terraces.  The beach had to be sealed off for the recording of the video clip, but that did not stop many passers-by and curious onlookers from coming to watch how the work was being done.

The light of the sunset was used to give a warm and friendly touch to the aesthetics of the video. Many extras and dancers of different age groups participated in Rosalía’s video clip. This visual piece has tried to photograph the Spanish summer culture. The idea is to represent a typical summer afternoon on any beach in Spain. It is very well reflected in this video clip shot in Mallorca: children playing with water pistols, an old couple with beach chairs, groups of young friends jumping and dancing, people having fun in the water, friends having a picnic on the beach… in general, people on holiday enjoying the beach in Mallorca.


Rosalía’s video clip filmed in Mallorca has already received more than 3 million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours. It is still expected to increase the number of views at an international level, giving Mallorca a showcase to the whole world. It is noteworthy that at the end of the video clip the date and place of recording is mentioned: “30 July in Portixol, Mallorca”, although the incorrect spelling of the name es Portitxol has generated debate.

This type of film, which relies heavily on the “hand-held camera”, gives the naturalness and simplicity of the aesthetics that the video clip is trying to convey. The representation of a “home video of a day at the beach” results in professional and tasteful footage, both in terms of colours, costumes, types of shots and the rhythm of the editing. In addition, the video clip was shot in just one day and was released only 10 days later. It is a challenge at all levels of audiovisual production and demonstrates the professional quality of this sector on the island.


videoclip rosalia rodado mallorca