The streets of Palma and the Part Forana are dressed in devotion and tradition with the arrival of the Easter processions. The first weeks of April are also a time for festivities and popular gastronomy with the typical ‘panades’, ‘robiols’ and ‘crespells’

The celebration of Holy Week in Palma moves forward to Friday the 31st of March. The procession of the banners and the reading of the proclamation kick off the ceremonies. The streets of the city host eleven processions organised by the Associació de Confraries de Mallorca (Association of Confraternities of Mallorca), with the support of the Bishopric of Mallorca. This year around 5,000 brotherhoods and 33 brotherhoods are taking part.

Holy Week runs from Palm Sunday, which takes place on the 2nd of April, to Easter Sunday, or Glory Sunday, on the 9th of April. Of all the processions, the Maundy Thursday procession of the Sant Crist de la Sang is the most solemn. All the brotherhoods take part in it and this year it has significant changes in its itinerary. As a novelty, to find out the routes and details of the processions, a QR code has been set up which can be downloaded from the Facebook page of the Association of Easter Week Brotherhoods of Palma.

Calendar and timetable:

  • 31 March. Divendres de Dolors. Eucaristia Processó Estendards, Catedral de Mallorca 19h.
  • 2 April. Diumenge del Ram.
  • 5 April. Missa Crismal, Catedral de Mallorca 18h.
  • 6 April. Dijous Sant.
  • 7 April. Divendres Sant.
  • 8 April. Dissabte Sant.
  • 9 April. Diumenge de Pasqua.

In the Cathedral of Mallorca the following events will be broadcast via streaming on the website and social profiles of the Cathedral LINK :

Programmes of the Easter 2023 processions in Majorca

Easter 2023: schedules and itineraries

31st March. Good Friday

Procession of the Banners. 17.00 hours.

The banners of all the brotherhoods leave from the Sant Antoniet convent at 17:00 hours. The route goes along Carrer Sant Miquel, Plaça Major, Plaça del Marquès del Palmer, Carrer Colom, Plaça de Cort and Carrer Palau Reial. All the way to La Seu.

procesion 31 marzo

2nd April. Diumenge de Rams

Procession of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. 6 pm.

Departure from the parish church of Sant Jaume at 6 pm. The route follows the streets of Sant Jaume, Joan Carles I, Passeig d’es Born, Sant Feliu, Sant Gaietà, Ca’n Asprer, Jaume III, Baró de Santa Maria del Sepulcre, Berenguer de San Juan, Bonaire, Concepció and final entrance at the Concepció church.

6th April. Dijous Sant

Procession of the Sant Crist de la Sang from the Church of la Anunciació at 19.00.

The procession of the Sant Crist de la Sang on Maundy Thursday will be diverted to the streets Unió and Las Ramblas, instead of passing through Jaime III, recovering the passage through the well-known area of Canavall.

The new itinerary is as follows: Plaça de l’Hospital, Costa de la Sang, La Rambla, Oms, Sant Miquel, Plaça Major, Plaça Marqués del Palmer; Colom, Plaça de Cort, Palau Reial, de la Victòria, Conqueridor, Plaça de la Reina, Passseig d’es Born, Plaça Joan Carles I, Unió, Plaça del Mercat, La Rambla, Costa de la Sang, Plaça del Hospital and entrance to the church of La Anunciació.

procesion jueves santo

7th April – Holy Friday

Procession of the Sant Enterrament from the Basilica of Sant Francesc at 19:00.

The itinerary is as follows: exit from the Basilica of Sant Francesc, Cadena street, Colom street, Bosseria street, Plaza d’en Coll, Galera street, Corderia street, Quartera square, Esparteria street, Mercadal square, Ferreria street, Sant Antoni square, Socors street, Llorenç Bisbal batle square, entrance to the Church of Nostra Senyora dels Socors, where the solemn ceremony of the Sant Enterrament will take place.