The program of discount vouchers in Balearic shops -Bons Illes Balears- will put into circulation one million euros from October. A campaign to stimulate shopping in small and medium-sized businesses in Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera. With the slogan “Compra al petit comerç i trauràs un 10”, it is expected to mobilize more than three million euros in local consumption.

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Discount vouchers in Balearic shops

The discount vouchers to be used in the shops of the Balearic Islands come into operation on October 1, 2021. The campaign will consist of distributing 100,000 vouchers of 10 euros throughout the islands, interchangeable in purchases of more than 30 euros. Each citizen of legal age and registered in the Balearic Islands can request up to 4 vouchers, that is, a maximum of 40 euros discount. The participating businesses have to ask the client for their ID or equivalent document to verify that they meet the requirements and that they have available balance. For example:

  • When buying shoes worth 35 euros, the customer pays 25 and the merchant charges the remaining 10 euros through a 10-euro voucher.
  • If the price of the shoes is 80 euros, the customer pays 60 euros and the store charges the remaining 20 euros by applying two vouchers of 10 euros (20 euros).
  • Thus, up to purchases over 120 euros in which, whatever the purchase amount, only a maximum of 4 vouchers of 10 euros (40 euros) can be used. Thus, if the purchase amounts to 200 euros, the customer pays 160 euros and the merchant charges the remaining 40 by applying 4 vouchers of 10 euros.

This campaign will remain open until December 31, 2021 or until the budget has been completed. To consult all the businesses adhered to the campaign, citizens can go to the website

Recover the life of the neighborhood

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The merchant is in charge of managing the application of the voucher through a specific web platform. In this way, the customer does not buy or change any discount voucher at any time. They will only be asked for their ID or equivalent document to verify that they meet the requirements and verify how many discount vouchers they have available.

Antoni Mercant, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca, assures that “now citizens have to respond by making our pre-Christmas purchases in the small shop, the one that is close to home, and thus we will contribute to recovering neighborhood life”.

To participate in this trade bond campaign in the Balearic Islands, interested companies must register on the portal from August 13 to September 12. This economic reactivation initiative is part of the General Directorate of Commerce with the support of the Chamber of Commerce. The vice president of the Govern, Juan Pedro Yllanes, declared that the objective is “to support our commercial fabric, reach the smallest towns and help businesses to maintain activity after the summer until the Christmas campaign arrives”.