The most popular edition in the history of the Ciutat de Palma Awards, that of this 2020, already has winners. The awards will be presented at a gala scheduled for May 27, 2021. But the City Council has already announced this year’s winners on the occasion of the Sant Sebastià 2021 festivities. An edition with more female winners.

The Ciutat de Palma Awards are a line of support for creativity and literary production, visual arts, comics, music, performing and audiovisual arts, research, journalism and gastronomic heritage. The novelty this year has been the incorporation of two new categories: journalism and gastronomic heritage.

The Deputy Mayor for Culture and Social Welfare, Antoni Noguera, has assured that “the pandemic has forced us to make an effort to put people at the center. Especially the creators of our islands. In this sense, the awards are a stimulus and a way to support and give support to the cultural fabric. The great participation this year reaffirms the commitment to the artistic excellence of the Awards ”.

The awards have had more presence of women. Núria Abad and Marta Hierro, winners in the audiovisual category.

Ciutat de Palma 2020 Award Winners

The professional juries of each category have decided that these are the winners of this year’s edition:

  • City of Palma Llorenç Villalonga Novel Prize: Miquel Horrach Munar, for “Set dies”. It is endowed with 26,000 euros. For the good recreation of the historical moment of the European war and the international conflicts of the moment, with a plot located in Mallorca.
  • Joan Alcover Prize for Poetry: Albert Garcia Elena, for “El coure sota el Hudson”. It is financially endowed with 12,000 euros. The jury, unanimously, highlighted the originality and linguistic richness, also assessing the depth in the issue of the confrontation between life and the city.
  • Antoni Gelabert Prize for Visual Arts: Gonzalo Elvira, for «Dreams, 2017-2020». It is financially endowed with 12,000 euros. The jury highlights various aspects of the awarded work, such as sociological research in the historical context of Argentina in the 20th century.
  • Bonet de San Pedro Music Award: Joana Gomila Sansó and Laia Vallès, for «Paradís». Endowed with 6,000 euros. The jury has valued his excellent artistic quality, creativity, as well as interpretation and orchestration.
  • 2020 City of Palma Award for Scenic Art: Banana-Rubio Collective for «Guaret». It is financially endowed with 6,000 euros. The jury has valued his artisan work in the proposal, contrary to the vast majority of current lines, conjuring different languages.
  • City of Palma Award for Audiovisuals: Nuria Abad and Marta Hierro, for “Dorothea y el Myotragus”. It is endowed with 6,000 euros. It has been the work with the highest score by the jury, which has considered very successful to recover a little-known figure in the history of science and the audacity of a woman in the society of her time.
  • City of Palma Comic Award: Gonzalo Aeneas and Enric Pujadas, for “The Olympics of Suffering.” It is endowed with 10,000 euros. The jury has chosen it for the interest of the story, the need for visibility of the mental health issue and its focus.
  • premio-ciutat-palma-2020-gastronomia

    Bartomeu Arbona Figuerola, gastronomy award.

    City of Palma 2020 Gastronomy Award: Bartomeu Arbona Figuerola del Fornet de la Soca. It is endowed with 3,000 euros. The jury has selected as winner the project by Mr. Bartolomé Arbona Figuerola with the title “Fornet de la Soca – Local Gastronomic Archeology”.

  • City of Palma Research Award: Laura Jurado for «Gitanos. Història itinerant d’una ciutat i una illa ”. It is endowed with 6,000 euros. The jury has taken into account that the project, focused on the study with a historical perspective of the gypsy town of Son Banya, fills an evident void in the sociological studies of the city of Palma.
  • City of Palma Miguel de los Santos Oliver Award for Journalism: Zoom by IB3 Televisión, for “Menors, risc i protecció”. It is financially endowed with 3,000 euros. He has touched on an important and current topic and has been able to explain the case, beyond the noise, with the testimonies of the protagonists.

More participants than ever

The 2020 edition of the Ciutat de Palma Awards is the most popular in the history of the event. In the literary field, for example, 87 novels have been presented, a figure that had never been recorded. Nor during the years in which they could also choose works in the Spanish language. This year 140 books of poetry are competing for the Joan Alcover Prize and in the research category 10 works have been presented. The Visual Arts modality also stands out, in which 514 artists have presented a total of 1,145 works. It is double the number of pieces received in the year with the most participants, when 239 artists performed.

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