The retail sector in Mallorca has a positive balance of sales after Black Friday and the December long weekend. Now they are starting the Christmas campaign with good sensations, with a 5% increase in the number of new hires.

The retail sector is optimistic about the start of the Christmas season. After Black Friday and the long weekend in December have registered positive sales figures, traders assure that the desire to consume is not exhausted. Temporary employment agencies and large retailers say that recruitment has increased by 5%.

There are a greater number of job offers, especially those related to the distribution of Internet orders. As far as department stores are concerned, they have similar figures. The consolidation of Black Friday allows them to extend the recruitment period to almost three months. Smaller retailers, on the other hand, do not have such a margin and say that, in general, they are unable to plan staffing increases so far in advance. However, they all agree that sales this year could be historic.

Clothing, footwear and electronics are currently the most sought-after products. In a few days’ time, with Christmas just around the corner, toys will be the most popular.

navidad en mallorca 2022

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