The Guardia Civil has confirmed that the bodies found on the coast of Mallorca on September 4th and 5th were those of the two crew members of the sailboat ‘Makan Angin’ that disappeared in the Menorca channel during the storm of August 27th

The Biology Department of the Criminalistic Service of the Guardia Civil, in collaboration with the German police authorities, has identified the bodies by analyzing the genetic profiles of the remains found. As explained by the Guardia Civil, the bodies correspond to those of the two German citizens, father and son, who disappeared last August 27th in the Canal de Menorca.

The authorities were looking for a father and his son, aged 50 and 19 years, respectively, and German nationality, who were on board a sailboat from Cala Galdana to Cala d’Or on Sunday, a day in which Mallorca was on orange alert due to the storm, which caused injuries and rescues and even the collision of boats.

The sailboat had left with two crew members on board on Saturday, August 26th at 10:00 am from Cala Galdana with destination Cala d’Or. They never arrived and the boat could not be contacted.