The Spanish sailor Didac Costa will be, along with Joern Larsen, one of the star guests of the first virtual nautical fair in the Balearic Islands, which already has the confirmation of companies such as STP Shipyard, Marina Ibiza, Azulyachts or E3 Systems.

Toni Salom

A few days before a strategic event for the Balearic nautical industry is held, we chatted with Toni Salom, president of the Balearic Marine Cluster association and promoter of the digitalization of the fair.

How do you evaluate the current situation of the nautical sector in the islands?
This situation of uncertainty and restrictions significantly penalize all sectors related to tourism and therefore aggravates the reduction in income that has been taking place in nautical tourism and in charter activity, mainly in large vessels, during this year. In the most relevant industrial sectors related to the nautical sector, such as repairs and maintenance, there is also a significant reduction in operations and the rebound that used to occur during these months is also being significantly affected.

Where did the idea for the Balearic Yacht Show come from?
Balearic Yacht Show is a project that has been in demand for a long time in the industry. We thought that it was necessary to create a virtual nautical fair, since times are changing and it is necessary to renew. The current situation in which we find ourselves has made progress faster in the creation of a virtual fair, since large face-to-face events can not be held.

But nautical companies of the Balearic Islands need to continue promoting themselves internationally and thanks to the Balearic Marine Cluster and the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce, the Balearic Yacht Show is a reality.

It will be possible to carry out networking actions, share experiences and expand the market.

What is the objective of this virtual fair?
The main objective of the Balearic Yacht Show is to connect companies in the nautical sector of the Balearic Islands with the rest of the world. It is the perfect showcase to promote yourself internationally, since with just one click, anyone from anywhere in the world can connect to this fair and interact with different profesionales in the industry.

Balearic Yacht Show is a virtual meeting point between the main agents of the nautical sector where networking activities can be carried out, experiences shared and the market expanded.

Is this format here to stay?
It is the first virtual nautical fair to be held in the Balearic Islands and the initial projects takes into account continuing to carry it out in the coming years, incorporating improvements and adapting it to the circumstances that exist at all times.

In fact, the idea is that the platform remains active 365 days a year, with updated information on the sector, talks, conferences and events that take place throughout the year. A way to keep the nautical sector connected all year round and not just during the fair.

Who will attend?
At the moment we are recruiting participantes for the fair. We are very happy with the reception that the project has had both nationally and internationally. We have been commercializing the fair for a month and we already have a high number of confirmations and there are many companies interested in the project. At first it is a bit difficult to get used to the idea of ​​how the fair will be held, but once they see the platform with their own eyes, they find it very innovative and the perfect way to become known internationally given the current situation.

We have confirmation from the main marinas of the islands, refit companies, shipyards, service companies, nautical associations, charter companies… In addition, we are lucky to have platinum stands at the fair. And companies such as STP Shipyard, Marina Ibiza, Azulyachts or E3 Systems will offer a complete experience to all visitors.

“The idea is that the platform remains active 365 days a year”

Could you tell us something about the program?
At the moment, I can not reveal much on the program. But we are preparing a wide range of conferences, events and workshops. There will be more technical talks on the industry, events focused on highlighting the Balearic Islands as a destination and even gastronomic workshops.

What I can reveal is that we are going to count on the testimony of the Danish shipowner Joern Larsen, who just this year broke the record for rounding Mallorca by sailing and possibly surprises us with some new feat. And, in addition, we will also have the presence of the sailor Didac Costa, who will be the only Spanish competitor to participate in the Solo World Tour that will begin on November 8.

What novelties will visitors find in this boat show?
The main novelty is that it is a 100% online boat show, which is something that has never been done in the Balearic nautical industry. This also allows that there is no limit of exhibitors. This virtual fair accommodates all types of companies, both small and large, and from all areas of the nautical industry. We do not have a space limitation as can happen in a physical fair. So everyone has the opportunity to participate.

In addition, the possibility of attending the conferences or even seeing them recorded at another time, is something that a physical fair does not allow you. We are not limited by time or space. Technology puts everything in our favour.

What are the steps to follow to connect?
Connecting to the Balearic Yacht Show is very easy. You just have to go to the web and register online, which will be completed with a confirmation email. On the day of the fair it is only necessary to enter the date to log in. A desk will then appear with all the conferences taking place that day, as well as a list of Participating Exhibitors.

Reasons not to miss it
It is a unique and innovative fair. In addition, there are no excuses not to attend, since it is very easy to connect from any device: mobile, computer or a tablet.

They are three days, from November 18 to 20, full of conferences, events, workshops and virtual meetings to keep up to date with the news of the sector.

Balearic Yacht Show will surprise both exhibitors and visitors.