With an affiliation of 5,124,690 people in October, 16% more than the same month last year, the Balearic Islands continues to lead the economic reactivation in Spain and unemployment recovers by 36.4%, reaching levels similar to 2019.

The Islands lead the relative growth of membership in Spain, which in this period increased membership by 3.7% as a whole, compared to a year ago. Thus, one out of every 10 new workplaces created in the last 12 months has been in the Balearic Islands thanks to tourist activity -hotels and restaurants- the sector that, by far, has increased its activity the most with a growth of 82%.

The general director of the Economic Model and Employment, Llorenç Pou, presented the data on the affiliation and unemployment situation of the Islands in the month of October, and stressed that the Balearic Islands are at figures higher than 2017.

Fewer employees on ERTE

In the month of October, 51,939 unemployed persons were registered, which represents a fall of 36.4% compared to a year ago. Another unique fact is that the evolution of unemployment in October 2020 leaves the Balearic Islands at levels already very similar to 2019. Indeed, two years ago unemployment stood at 50,586 people, only 1,400 less than in October 2021, which represents a differential of 2.8%.

On the other hand, the number of people who have been found within an ERTE in the month of October continues the downward path, an aspect that reinforces the data on the maintenance of tourist activity also in this period.

Compared to September, the number of people in ERTE at the end of September was reduced by almost half, from 15,635 to 8,904 today.

Llorenç Pou. Photo: GOIB.