The Contrallum de Sineu 2023 is warming up the engines to showcase its heritage on 11 November. This festival of light and heritage is an event that is enjoyed in the dark. Hundreds of people stroll through the streets of the municipality to admire the enhancement of its spaces through creations and light effects. A walk full of magic and creativity with a route that includes eleven illuminated points. Such is the attendance of the public that the organisation modifies the itinerary, opting for wider streets until reaching the old Fronton.

The day on which it takes place is no coincidence: Saint Martin’s Day, 11 November, is the halfway point of autumn, the day of the festival of light. The first edition of Contrallum was precisely on this date. It is also for this reason that it is held on the second Saturday in November, illuminating 11 places in the municipality.

Contrallum Collective of Sineu

contrallum sineu 2022 mallorca

The Contrallum of Sineu is organised by the Contrallum collective. This association is made up of volunteers who work altruistically with the support of the town council and other local groups. Along the route of the Contrallum de Sineu 2023, we can also expect the participation of the local residents, who decorate the streets and façades with luminous elements, giving free rein to their creativity.

A spectacle that is an experience for the visitor with several objectives. Firstly, to raise awareness of Sineu’s rich heritage; to foster local culture and citizen participation; to promote sustainability by encouraging the reuse of materials; to develop a critical spirit and, lastly, to promote artistic creation.

From 19:00 to 22:00, the municipality invites the whole island to attend the Contrallum de Sineu 2023, an outstanding event on Mallorca’s calendar of popular festivals. The Contrallum Collective has prepared an itinerary to show the whole route of this festival of light and heritage.