The Balearic Islands Day 2021 will be different from last year. Cultural activities to commemorate the entry into force of the Statute of Autonomy in 1983 are postponed until the health situation improves. This has been announced by the Government, which will reschedule the performances of arts and music planned in the municipalities of the islands for later. At this time, the measures in force in the Balearic Islands as a whole do not allow the program of events to be carried out as planned.

Last year, days before the declaration of the state of alarm, Balearic Day was commemorated with nearly 300 activities. Already in mid-2020, in the midst of a pandemic, the Government began to design the 2021 edition. Then, the authorities were working in a scenario that would allow reconciliation of possible safety and hygiene measures and the traditional festive spirit. According to the Government, the intention this year was to decentralize activities and promote the islands’ own culture. A new format to promote the cultural sector.

The 2021 Balearic Islands Day program included performing arts and music shows on all the islands. With smaller formats and different spaces, they were going to be held between February 25 and March 7, 2021. But the commemoration will have to wait until further notice.

247 proposals for Balearic Islands Day 2021

In December, a catalog of cultural proposals that responded to the public call to commemorate this day was made available to city councils and island councils. Local corporations could choose from 160 musical initiatives and 87 performing arts initiatives. All of them presented by artists and groups from the islands. Based on this catalog, the institutions could propose their programs and the Government took charge of the cache of groups and artists, with a maximum contribution limit.

A previous work that the Government intends to maintain to celebrate the Day of the Balearic Islands in 2021 later. At least, until you get out of level 4 of the health alert. The institution thus undertakes to reschedule the planned performances, in collaboration with the artists and the different island councils and councils.

día de las illes balears

Previous edition of the Balearic Islandds Day. Photo: GOIB.