The President of the Government, Francina Armengol, promised Mallorcan hoteliers that she will present the tourism projects financed with European funds on Friday and encouraged them to continue on the path started to improve the tourism model of the Balearic Islands and to “work with enthusiasm, hope and conviction in overcoming the current situation to draw better islands “.

“If we believe it and we work together we can achieve it and we have a great opportunity, which is the European funds,” said the president, who also stressed that these funds will be agreed and will bet on aspects such as circularity.

The president said these words during her participation in the presentation ceremony of the new board of directors and the project of the Mallorca Hotel Business Federation (FEHM), which Maria Frontera has revalidated as president.

Armengol has thanked Frontera and his entire team for their collaboration in times “of enormous difficulty that we have lived and live through” and has appreciated their commitment “not to throw in the towel and to work together with the public administration and propose solutions to difficulties willingly dialogue and the ability to reach agreements “.

In particular, the president recalled decisions “very difficult to make”, such as that of closing ports and airports, which allowed the Balearic Islands to focus more safely on the first wave of the pandemic.

María Frontera, president of FEHM, talks with the president of the Government, Francina Armengol. Photo: GOIB.