Dingus, the Mallorcan tourism technology company, has been the only company selected to participate in Booking.com’s Connectivity Advisory Board


Dingus is the only Spanish company that will be part of Booking.com’s Advisory Board. Photo: Dingus

The tourism technology provider Dingus is the only Spanish company selected among Booking.com’s premier partners to participate in its Connectivity Advisory Board.

During this year and next year Dingus® will be part of the board where the ideas, strategies and trends of the travel platform are discussed. The aim is to “drive growth together and solve the problems faced by connectivity partners,” the company said in a press statement.

The ‘Premier Partner’ category is only awarded to “the best and most valuable connectivity service providers” for Booking.com “thanks to superior connection quality”. According to Jaume Monserrat, CEO of the Mallorca-based company, this status has been accredited by Dingus® since 2020, “allowing us to maintain the collaboration between the two at its maximum quality and guarantees for connected hotels”; the increase in sales of these is one of the main guarantees of its services, the company stresses.

The Connectivity Advisory Board focuses on technical and product issues and is made up of 10 business partners that integrate with Booking.com from the Americas to Australia.